What is ‘Grace’?

Be Grace, the name of my coaching practice, envisioned at Bali during my sabbatical in 2016, and up and running since then. A dream come true for me, and thankfully increased clients find me. The name, Be Grace, still gives me warm feelings, because it entails so much in which I believe. Be graceful, forgiving, gentle to yourself and to others. ‘Grace’ is also an acronym for the aspects I believe are true for everyone in order to live a happy life. ‘Grace’ stands for Genuinly Recognise, Accept, Commit and Evolve. When we genuinly try to see what our strengths and qualities are, how our behavior affects ourselves and others, and accept the reality as it is, stop fighting it or denying it, we can commit to true growth and become effective in everything we undertake.

How often do we recognise our failures and faults and how often our strengths and qualities? How often do we deny reality (‘I shouldn’t think this.’ ‘This should not have happened’) instead of taking reality as the starting point? And how often do we focus on short-term success or ‘distraction’ rather than going one level deeper to change our mindsets and stay disciplined? Growing with Grace is a choice for happiness, and to quote Matt Driver (2011): “… happy people live longer, earn more and rise to more senior positions.”

Want to know more? Check my website (partly Dutch, partly English). I would be happy to help you (in English and in Dutch)!

Have a happy day,

Silvia, leadershipcoach